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Chicken & Blues is not just a restaurant, we are an important part of the local community. We bring people together. We support local causes. We stand for something. We give back. We are a force for good.

Ultimately, we are only as good as our next (or last) meal. We intend to delight each and every customer, one at a time. We keep things simple. We keep our food tasty. We are speedy (but not rushed) and we ensure that our customers love us so much that they tell 10 friends that they MUST give us a go. That’s how we’ve grown, and that’s how we’ll continue to grow!

We are your quick-serve healthy option during your office lunch break. We are your Sunday cheat meal. We are your relaxed first date restaurant. We are that soulful takeaway you need after a stressful day. We are that place you take your nan or grandad for Mama’s Creamy Mash and Gravy. We are the place that solves your garden party catering or beach picnic hassle. We are the place that is the answer to your birthday party headaches. We are your kids favourite takeaway. We are the place you order from 3-4 times a week, every week. We are the place that appreciates your custom, and rewards you for your loyalty. We are an important part of your life.

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